Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity Network

Intercultural Communications in a Global Age:
Political, Media and Cultural Challenges and Tensions

Hosted by

Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanzehogeschool Groningen) - School of Communication, Media and IT, Groningen, Netherlands

9th April – 10th April 2015

This workshop  invites papers from both within and across disciplinary divides in the humanities and social sciences that extend the analyses of intercultural media and communications in contemporary societies. It will seek to explore existing forms and consider new directions to provide a critical engagement of debates as to how intercultural media communications frame  solidarity and difference in contemporary societies.  Papers might focus on the following, although the list is not exclusive:

  • Issues of hegemony, power and domination in the development of intercultural media and communications technologies and enterprise
  • Issues of power, domination and resistance, in the operation of media and communications industries in a global context
  • issues of hegemony, domination and power  in intercultural articulations in different cultures/literatures/politics
  • The creation, preservation and deconstruction of identities, solidarities and differences through intercultural media and communications
  • Interculturalism as ideology, political theory and cultural ideal
  • Cultural diversity and how it is sustained in a global society, with global media and communications
  • the possibilities of radical and reactionary voices in a world of global media and communications.

Papers are sought from the broad range of social, cultural, political and policy areas which issues of intercultural communication converge. We are also happy to consider panel suggestions, alternate forms of intellectual presentation and papers (both polished and in progress), which should be aimed at 20 minutes maximum presentation.  Subject to the quality and coherence of paper proposals, we expect to publish from the workshop in both an established book series and a special issue of a journal.

Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity Network (CDSS) is an international organisation focused broadly on fostering collaboration and debate around the broad issues of difference and solidarity in human societies. The network organizes regular conferences, as well as periodic seminars and collaborative projects (see It has a particular interest in supporting international research collaboration and younger researchers entering the international stage. The network works towards the development of trans-disciplinary and trans-national understandings of and interventions in questions of solidarity and difference. This event is the first collaboration between the CDSS Network and the School of Communication, Media and IT at the Hanze University at Groningen, in the Netherlands.

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