Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity Network

Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length. This time limit will be strictly enforced. 

Your papers are important, but the discussion that surrounds them is what makes our conferences, seminars, and workshops unique. We schedule 45 to 60 minutes discussion time per session, and often it isn't enough!

Presenters are free to choose the form of their presentations, with one caveat: we encourage the use of presentation formats other than Power Point slides.

We would kindly ask that Power Point only be used to present something that cannot be easily described, such as photos; photos of artworks, places, or people; maps, graphs, or charts; and short videos etc. It should not be used to present an outline of your presentation, notes, or the full text of your presentation.

We encourage presenters to speak to their papers rather than read them.

If presenters choose to read their papers, the papers should be about 2500 words long (not including abstract, notes, or bibliography).  But regardless of written length, presenters will be cut off at 20 minutes.

Computers, projectors, and white boards will be available in every room. If you have other technology requests please email the organizers.

Guidelines for Presentations: